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Where have we been? … Hello Cole James Keane!

Where have all the blog posts/facebook galleries gone you may have asked in the passing months? Where is Alissa Keane Photography? Well it just so happens that on January 15, 2016 we welcomed our son, Cole James Keane into the world! We limited our wedding business this season to spend time getting to know our little man and focused on figuring this whole parenting thing out… and it happens to be pretty cool 🙂

We are pumped to be back in full-time action for the current engagement season and cannot wait for all of our 2017 weddings!

So say hello to this guy…the newest addition to the Alissa Keane Photography Family… this little, snuggly, spitfire of a boy… it’s been 9 months of pure joy and our hearts continue to grow every day with you.coleblog-1001coleblog-1002